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72 years man to climb Mt Everest2017-07-23 09:15:14

To become oldest man to summit the world’s tallest peak Mt Everest, Ramiro Herrera is setting a high bar and determined. On the heat of South Texas he has been doing trainings.

He is trying to be supper man for those people who he knows. At 72 years old, He ran 56 marathons as he has been running since he was 8 years old. Now, he is training to face biggest challenge to climb Mt. Everest. After several companies to take him for climb, he spends two weeks hiking 45 miles to the base of the mountain. It takes 2 months to rich the top of Everest.

When Herrera was there four people reported died while they were trying to rich the summit.  In the Rod Grande valley in southern tip of Texas, present a unique training ground for a place like Everest. There is high humidity at sea level. 
Herrera explained that he runs in hot weather, if he runs and trains in cold weather he won’t sweat too much.  He is only addiction for run as he never has any health problems; he does not drink and smoke.

He has been running 12 to 16 miles per a day. Her wife is helping her husband to raise sponsors for climbing Mt Everest. For personal expedition he might need more than $ 85000. Herrera informed that the exercise is the best life insurance he can buy.

Every one plans to climb the Everest ever year. Most of them cannot afford and some of them have health issues. It’s not guarantee that you return well one you start climbing. However hundreds of mountaineers have been climbing world’s highest peak every year.

Source: Adventure Discovery Admin 

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