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Arabians Tourists incrasing in Pokhara2014-08-17 15:16:21

The tourist town of Pokhara has started to attract tourists from the Arabian nationals as well.
With the increasing flow of high-end tourists mostly from the Gulf region, tourism entrepreneurs operating hotels, restaurants, lodges and other tourism-related activities in the scenic city are delighted to host such magnanimous guests.
“An Arabian tourist was rare sight in Pokhara in the past but not now. Only few days ago, a family from Saudi Arabia stayed at my hotel for a whole week. And what more, they have promised to come back next year,” says Deputy Chief of west Zonal Hotel Organization, Bhattarai parajuli, who operates his own hotel in Pokhara. 

Accordingly to Parajuli, most of the Arabian guests have told him that they came to know about Nepal from migrant Nepali workers they had come across in the Gulf. 

“I would like to express my gratitude to the Nepalese working and living in the Gulf nationals without their help, we would have never met these valuable guests.” 

 Moreover, they usually come in groups, mostly with family members, added Parajuli. 

According to a member of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) Tikaram Sapkota, around, 4,00,000 tourists visits Pokhara city each year. 

 Thirty five percent of the visitors are European, 20 percent are Chinese, 15 percent are Indian and the rest comes from other part of the earth. 

Pokhara tourism reaching in high the fact that the Arabians are increasing highly in Pokhara. Two to three percent of the tourists here are Arabians these days.” added Sapkota. 

When asked about the reasons behind visiting Pokhara, most of the Arabian tourists replied of being enticed its pristine, natural beauty. 

But there are many Arabian tourists like Falah Al Enazi from Saudi Arabia, who come to know about Nepal and Pokhara through the internet. 

“Pokhara is as beautiful as it mentiones in internet. I am here with a group of friends, and we will surely come back next year with our families,” adds Enazi. 

Moreover, Enazi further says, visiting Nepal is also comparatively cheaper than going other country in the world. Enazi further added that he only paid USD $ 400 for entire trip and he is enjoying its fullest. 

A travel guide working for Lake valley Tours and Travels, Bharat Dahal, inform that most of the Arabian tourists likes short treks around Pokhara. 

“Unlike other tourists, who aim to climb the mountains, they approach for short treks to hills. They enjoy the scenic views a lot,” sayd Dahal. 

Source: My republica news 

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