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Bird watching in Chitwan National park2017-12-11 21:48:38

In terms of biography the Chitwan national park of Nepal is richest area.   Listed on chosen UNESCO world heritage site, country’s oldest conservations region, the Chitwan National park is home for one horn rhinos, crocodiles and elephants where thousands of tourist including foreigners and domestic visits each year.

Some of the interests for bird watching and to know bird life inside the national prak where many dissimilar varieties of birds can be seen.  The birds are very fascinating with different colors and sizes which can be found in Chitwan. Here are the lists of 5 interesting birds which can be seen.


The small Egret known as Egretta Garzetta having slender black beak is white bird which lives in water mostly and eats varieties of tiny creatures. These type of bird mostly funds in Africa, Europe, Australia and Asia.  This bird always prefers warm weather.


Having long neck with small head ‘Honey Buzzard’ which flies on flat wings and it has short head crest and a distinct long tail. The sexes of bird can be easily distinguished. Having blue gray head is male while the female’s head use to be brown. It prefers cold season so it goes Siberia in summer an returns Chitwan in winter.


Another one is darter which is tropical water bird. Having long thin neck ‘Snakebird’ has been compared with a snake. The name ‘darter’ alludes to the way they get their meals. Some park of the world they are hunted and it has black long tail.


Another pretty bird called Alexandrine parakeet is named after Alexander the Great who is credited with exporting these birds from South Asia to Europe. It is commonly known as parrot and which funds enough in Chitwan.

Source: Onlnekhabar 

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