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Dhaulagiri base camp crowded2017-04-17 11:44:25

Dhaulagiri Base Camp is now busting with mountain climbers who came to summit. Dhaulagiri is the seventh highest mountain in the world which is 8,167 meters tall. Along with 100 local guides total of 50 foreigners including talian, Indian, Japanese and Spanish climbers has arrived the base camp.

Two teams on Saturday started their journey towards the peak. The group organized by seven summits consists half a dozen climbers started as first expedition team. Along with 25 climbers the Italian Army group staring to head on. They left Dhaulagiri Base Camp climbing towards the first high camp.

Once they finish first, second, third and fourth high camps they reach to the top. As per Seven Summit officials their group has started to head on to the first high camp. There is worshiping tradition entire mountain gods for safe journey before it starts.

Located in Myagdi District, it was climbed 56 years ago first time and over 400 climbers have climbed so far. Large number of climbers did sightseeing around base camp and some of them finished Annapurna Circuit trek before ascending the peak. Another most challenging trek Dhaulagiri also has done by climbers. There are two routes for the Dhaulagiri circuit trail.

Climbers are not allowed to leave any wastage materials after climb as they have to submit proof upon their return that whatever wastage things they have has been brought back properly 

Source: Ekantipur news 

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