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Everest Base camp trek training2018-03-13 18:19:47

Most known and popular trekking the world, The Everest Base Camp trek is easy to get to most people who have kind of good fitness level to enter cold mountain region of Nepal for about two weeks time. You don’t require any mountaineering training and experiences but its an big challenge for all tyope of age group, size and ages.

Everest Base Camp Trek training 

However it’s not difficult trek but there are some challenge you will face along walking about 130 kilometers and above 3000 meters elevation. To get you in good shape few weeks ago normal morning walk helps a lot to be done this trek however it depends on your fitness level and age. We request you to choose all details bellow article to know how to prepare for Everest base Camp Trek Nepal.

Bellow article gives you almost entire knowledge you need to know for Everest Base Camp Trek training. You have to bring your fitness level up gradually unless you feel easy with distance you have to pass daily on the EBC trek.  

Training guide for EBC Trek
In our itinerary we have prepare 15 days package including arrival day, departure day and one sightseeing day tour of Kathmandu valley . Mainly the trek nights are 11 along the mountain but please note among 11 days you will walk just for 9 days as you will have two rest days in Namche and Dingboche. Most of the people practice to prevent altitude sickness and do day hiking in those rest days.

In general per a day 14 kilometers should be passing in approximately in about 6 hours in a day. It’s not crazy amount of kilometers as it comes about 2 to 3 kilometers per hour slowly. The most challenging thing of this trek is you have to walk almost all up Hill passing unsteady terrain and rocky hills.  Do few hours walking practice with your boots at your home town too. 

Regularly if you go an hour long jogs that helps a lot but if you are good health condition and shape don’t do this struggle. Everest Base Camp has less oxygen so some short of aerobic is needed to be used to it. It is always better to walk slowly even you can walk faster in high elevation so your body will get time to used to.

Some short of swimming, cycling, rowing at your home is advisable. Main important thing is that your mind must be strong while trekking and you always should think positive and feel strong yourself and be confident. 

We advise you to drink at least 3 liter of water per a day frequently and drinking garlic soup in dinner time helps a lot for good night sleep.   Our al guides are trained and carries first aid medical kid box in case you need to use it. WE wish you happy journey.

Source: Adventure Discovery Treks Blog updates 

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