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Everest expedition jam may occur problem2017-05-06 12:09:08

The British Mountaineer Tim Mosedale was descending from Everest Khumbu Icefall after recent acclimatization run when he came across a large group of inexperienced climbers struggling with their gear. He had crampons on the wrong feet.

The big group climbers trying to climb without supplemental oxygen and nd Tim who climbed Everest.Nepal government issued permits for 371 which are most since 1953. Along with guides and Sherpa there will be over 800 people will be in Base camp. As per officials there will be traffic jam on Mid May. In every climbing season only three or four days are suitable to summit. In few days 800 people will summit the top.

Everest Base Camp now as ten cities where climbers staying for several weeks for acclimatization, many people are flying to Everest Base Camp by helicopter for day tours where some stops for breakfasts with panoramic vistas. Safety id more important and Everest Base Camp is Home for 1500 volunteers, staffs and climbers at the moment. A Sherpa Guide Mingma mentioned that they are worried as high number of people and they are worried what to do it traffic related problems occur during climbing.

Last year his team was delayed 4 hour on their way to top and they waited people due to many people for climb. Two of his clients lost toes because of waiting for long time in cold.On high elevation, the body receives less oxygen with each breath body movement becomes harder and occur confusion, headaches and poor balance.

The waiting can be dangerous. If climbers have to wait chances of body problems and would become cold and susceptible to frostbite.  Everest royalty fee alone bringing in a $4.5 million this year. 

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