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Gorakhnath Temple Renovation halted2014-01-18 07:01:57

Kathmandu metropolitan City (KMC) has halted the renovation of Gorakhnath temple located at the premises of Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square after locals refused to allow the office to carry out any changes to the temple.
After the main priest of the temple notified the KMC office about the threat posed by a huge number of visitors to the statue of the reigning deity of the temple, the office had decided to erect bars around it on prevent visitors from too close to the statue.

“We thought the locals should be informed it before carrying out any work but when we told them about it, they became furious and refused t help us. They even stopped is from carrying out the renovation,” said Hari Kumar Shrestha, Chief of hanuman Doka Durbar area Conservation program office.

As per to him, the statue of the god inside the temple needs to be repaired quickly. The huge flow of devotee is also one of the reasons behind the poor condition of the temple. If they install bars behind statue, the visitors won’t be able to touch the statue.

“I think they have not understood our program properly as we cannot do anything without support of locals” said Shrestha. Shyam  Manandhar, one of the locals, suggested that the KMC should explore other ways to protect the temple and statue inside it. “The KMC can hang a notice board urging people not to touch the statue or the office can just deploy a staff to guard the temple and warn people not to touch anything.” said Manandar.

“There are other ways too, by which the office can protect the statue, we won’t allow them to install or renovation anything. There are other things as well which need immediate renovation but the office has not taken any initiation,” said Manandar.

Shaubhagya Pradhananga, chief aechaeological officer at the monuments Section of the DoA, said that they will go according to the decision of the KMC. “The KMC office and the locals have sort out this problem between them.” said Pradhnanga.
Source: My Republica, 17 JAN, 2014

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