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Manakamana temple renovated2016-09-06 09:15:37

To guarantee rebuilding works of popular Manakamana temple is not held up for the want of money. Nepal’s tourism stakeholders have joined hands to generate the needed resources for the same purpose.

The owner of Manakamana cable car –Manakamana Darsan Pvt. Ltd. Along with ravel operators and hotels announced 15 percent discount till 16 of September. The discount policy may raise travelers and helps the temple.

Rebuilding of Hindu popular temple situated in Gorkha District was kind of destroyed in last year’s earthquake. And 50 percent work is done so far.

Hindu country Nepal if festive country and much festival are accord across the year. The Manakamana temple is mainly popular for Nepalese and Indian tourists. Every Indian who visits Nepal and Tibet prefers to visit the temple.

Nepal’s biggest festival is Dashain celebrated for 15 days and it’s in October month. Tihar festival comes right after the Dashain which is known as brother and sisters festival celebrated for 5 days. Also known as festival of lights woth worship for Dog, Cow, Ox, and also brothers.

The festival Teej also biggest festival for Hindu women in Nepal as they worship god to give long life their husband and unmarried women worship for to get good husband. They dance with singing during the festival. 

Source: Adv Treks

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