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Nepal Government to re measure Everest height2017-06-27 13:25:41

The tourism department of Nepal has started it own measurement of Mt. Everest to actual height of the earth’s highest peak. In 1956 it was measured first time and the height of Everest is 8,848 meters. This time the department will also check the climate change on the Himalayas.

People believe that the actual height of Mt Everest has changed due to earthquake 2015 and there is scientific research to check these statements.  China has set rock and snow heights of the tallest peak. Dozens of national and international organizations including India wanted to measure the Everest height to make it clear but the Nepal government has decided to measure own.

Since few weeks Nepali technicians started work from Udayapur along with the task hoped to be finished by two year with support of international scientists and experts. Nepal survey department’s director general Mr Ganesh Prasad Bhatta informed that they will involve scientists and international experts and will also involve who are expert in high altitude measurements.

To make it globally acceptable tools like GPS, gravity survey measurements, vertical height measurements will be employed.  Nepal government has released Rs 20 million and will provide more funds as it’s expected to need of RS 140 million to complete the survey.

This year the team will finish measurement from Basghari to Lukla and the department will train dozens of Sherpa climbers. The climbers will take entire equipments in high altitude from Base Camp. 

Source: Adventure Discovery Treks Admin 

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