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Nepal Trekking in October2018-05-12 10:54:05

Ornamented by natural beauty and high Himalayan adventure, Nepal is one of the famous trekking destinations in the globe. Thousands of trekkers and climbers travel Nepal annually in order to experience the Himalayan quest. To trek in Nepal best period of time must be chosen, in order to explore Himalayan region of Nepal successfully.

None other than October month is best for trekking in Nepal. During this month most of the trail are busy due to the trekkers. Most of the trekkers may think why October is best for trekking? In October crystal clear views of mountain peaks can be observed. The temperature is very suitable as it’s sunny in day time and during night temperature drop marginally.

Weather in October:

The temperature is normal in this month neither too high nor too low. Temperature varies according to the altitude as temperature goes down on higher altitude and vice versa. Average temperature hits around 20 degree Celsius whereas Maximum temperature is about 25 degree Celsius and Minimum is 14 degree Celsius. The sun shining hour is about 10 hour in a day.

So, here are the some recommended trekking destinations during October in Nepal: 

Everest Base Camp Trek:

Everest base camp trek is legendry trekking route in Nepal. After the first ascent of Everest by Tenzing Norgay and Hillary, this trekking has been famous all around the globe. Trekking in Everest Base camp during October is one of the best moments that will ever happen for the visitors. With mild temperature, trekking during the month of October offers perfect views of Himalayan region. We can’t say whether rain may occur or not but if it happens also it may not last for long. As soon as rain drops down, the skies becomes clear and views of natural beauty are so eye catchy.

Everest Base Camp trek offers miraculous views of Mt. Everest massif, Ice falls, Glaciers, Stunning landscape and beautiful villages. Sagarmatha National Park is another attraction of this trek as trekkers can explore numerous species of flora and fauna. To trek in this route, trekkers must have trekking experience and skills. Inexperienced trekkers should make Everest Base camp Trek itinerary which are suitable for them. 

Highlights of this Trek:

Amazing views of highest peak of the world-Mt. Everest.
Sunning landscapes, glaciers and ice falls. 
Interaction with local people of different ethnic groups.
Experience varieties of flora and fauna.

Annapurna Circuit Trek: 

Annapurna circuit trek is globally well admired trekking destination which is an ideal choice to explore this trekking route during the month of October.  On the lower elevation of this trekking route weather is normally warm with an average temperature of 15 degree Celsius but during the night temperatures rises above freezing point. As you gain altitude above 4000 m, chilly cold wind may occur during day time and early morning are freezing. With bright sunshine during the day time, sparkling views can be witnessed.

Whole Annapurna massif, Manaslu Himal, Himal chuli and many other panoramic peaks can be experienced in this trek. Likewise world’s deepest river gorge-Kali Gandaki valley, fine villages with different ethnic groups, outstanding landscapes, Tibetan plateau and breathtaking natural scenery can be experienced in this trekking route. Due to the favorable period of time normally, this trekking route is busiest in the month of October. Special trekking packages with customized itinerary are designed for the trekkers with reasonable cost. 

Highlights of this trek:

Close up views of entire Annapurna ranges and other snowcapped peaks.
Explore world’s deepest gorge-Kali Gandaki valley. 
Outstanding geographical terrains, landscapes and Tibetan plateau.
Breathtaking natural sceneries, impressive valleys and beautiful villages.

Annapurna Base Camp trek:

Annapurna Base camp trek is ideal and perfect route to trek in the month of October. Annapurna Base camp trek is highly recommended to trek in entire Annapurna region due to the weather factor at its best. Generally weather is clear and great views of scenery can be observed. The temperature during the day time is about 20 degree but by the night it will drop and freezing may occur. In the morning sunrise that strike at the mountains with red glow is so charming. There is very few chance of raining during this month but if rainfall occurs as well it does not last long and immediately weather becomes clear with great sunshine.

This trek offers dazzling views of Annapurna ranges, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Macchapuchre (Mt.Fishtail) and many other small peaks, stunning landscapes and beautiful villages of mixed ethnic groups. Experience unique lifestyle and culture of different ethnic peoples. In the month of October trekkers are crowded in this trekking route due to the perfect weather and temperature.

Highlights of this trek: 

Enjoy the great views of whole Annapurna massif, Dhaulagiri ranges and many other peaks.
Jaw dropping views natural beauty and alpine vegetation. 
Enjoy the cultural program of mixed ethnic groups.

Required clothing during the trek in October:

Normally weather stays warm in day time so trekking shorts and t-shirts are appropriate while trekking in day. But in the evening temperature goes down so fleece and long trouser will be handy to stay warm. Sun hat would be much better to be protected from scorching sun. Similarly, lightweight inner shocks and woolen shocks are more preferable to stay warm.

Equipment and gear list:

It is very important to take required trekking gears and equipment while trekking in Everest and Annapurna region. Trekking gears make things very easy during the trek so don’t miss out anything that is very important during the trek. Here are some most essential trekking gears that comes handy the trek:
Toiletries and personal Hygiene:

Antibacterial sanitizer
Tissue or Toilet paper
Drying towel
Feminine hygiene products
Shampoo and conditioners


Head lamps with extra batteries.
Trekking poles
Insulated water bottles.
Small waist bag
First aid kit
Extra plastic bags. 
Sleeping bags. 

Additional recommended items:
DSLR camera with extra batteries. 
Maps (routes and mountains)
Polar blanket and pillowcase 
Personal documents


1. Is trekking in October is suitable in Nepal?

Yes, of course. October is best for trekking season in Nepal. With less chances of rain, amazing views of mountain peaks and scenery can be experienced in this month.

2. Is trekking accommodations on the trails open during October in Nepal?

Sure, no doubt that accommodation along this trekking route will be open in October. Accommodations are of quality standard even in higher altitude of Nepal. Your guide might book room for you early to make things even easier. 

3. Are restaurants on the trail are opened in October?

Definitely, like accommodations, all restaurants are opened in October with quality services, hygienic foods and all menus available. 

4. Does trekking permits are available in October in Nepal?

Yes, necessary trekking permits are easily available throughout the year. Kathmandu and Pokhara are two cities from where you can take permits.

5. Is travel insurance necessary for trekking in Ocotber?

One of the most important things that travelers have to keep in mind is their insurance. While trekking in Nepal in October you have to do travel insurance. By choosing best traveling insurance it may help you while trekking in difficult trail of beautiful Nepal.

Source: Adventure Discovery Treks blog update 

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