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Pokhara Listened to Sur Sudha Live Music2014-01-19 06:01:03

Pokhara saw Sur Sudha perform live for the first time on Friday at madhushala Restro and lounge bar situated in lakeside, Pokhara.
Talking about the purpose of inviting Sur Sudha to Pokhara, Siroj Koirala, the owner of madhushala, shared, “The main aim of inviting Sur Sudha to Pokhara is to let the tourists enjoy Nepali Music.  At the same time, Sur Sudha’s performance has been a chance for fellow Nepalese to further understand the essence of Nepali music.”
Present at the event, poet Tirtha Shrestha shared, “The musical event is an apparopriate way to incorporate nepali culture and tradition with tourism.” He further opined that id nature and culture aren’t linked, sustainable tourism cannot be established.  

Likewise, prem Rana Autari, flute player of the classical music band shared that he was immensely pleased to come to Pokhara for the program. Along with him, Surendra Raag, Malashree Dhunm, Resam Firiri and Simsime panma’. Eastern musical instruments like Tabela, flute and Sitar among others were played by the artists. “The use of guitar created a little fusion of eastern and Western music.” Shared Koirala. 

After enjoying Sur Sudha’s Music, some foreigners from the audience also played maxican and African tunes. 
Sur Sudha has already performed in hundreds of concerts in 50 dissimilar places including Europe and America. According to Autari, the group aims at spreading the message of peace and harmony while contributing in the promotion of the Nepali tourism industry through the medium of music. 

Sur Sudha was also the Goodwill Ambassador of Nepal Tourism year 2011.

Source: My Republica, 18, JAN 2014

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