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Vacation in Nepal2018-01-27 11:17:09

Trekking and Tour Vacation in Nepal

Trekking and tour Vacation in Nepal is always dream for those who have heard the name of it. The trekker’s paradise little country Nepal with Himalayas views, golden temples, friendly people, Jeep safari and elephant safari in jungle, World heritage sites, its culture and traditions, religious beliefs, charming villages and the country of legendry Sherpa and Gurkha always targeted as earth’s great adventure and tour destination.

Someone who visits the country may carry great memories at the end. Especially the peaceful country’s high towering peaks and people good manner always welcomes you to heaven on earth. Generally, Nepal welcomes foreigners for Adventure tourism in high Himalayas including trekking and rafting, Climbing and bungee jumping. Mountain biking is equally popular. Southern part Chitwan Jungle Elephant safari with Jungle walk, cultural dance show provides you happier moment. Pashupati temple is popular for Hindu community and as the Buddha was born in Nepal thousands of Buddhists pilgrim destination is Nepal. Dhorpatan Hunting zone provides chances to people who are keen to hunt wild animals with special permit charges.

Adventures in Nepal

Ultimate goal for mountain lovers is Nepal’s Himalayas; some of the trails in Nepal’s high Himalaya accessible and iconic are on offer here with rocky trek to Everest Base Camp, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu and beyond where smaller trekking peak to Mount Everest (8848m) can be climbed with full pleasure and enjoyment. Walking in Base Camps of each high Himalayas are always pleasant memory. The incredible mountain vistas, Landscapes, Cozy lodges and guest houses with Nepalese traditional meals ‘Dal Bhat’ to all kind of international meals to be offered here, Nepal River rafting, Canoe ride, paragliding around Pokhara valley, Bungee Jumping in last resort can be enjoyed here. To enjoy planet’s dramatic landscapes just make trip to Nepal. You will be surprised to gain knowledge of Himalayas.

Culture and world heritage sites

While you visiting our country it’s also great opportunity to take knowledge of traditions and its culture. Nepal always has had religious tolerance with communities as we never have faced any war on the cause of religions. You might not know the country strongly follows cast system in country sides as we have four main cast and over hundred ethnic groups and each group follows their own tradition and culture. Over dozens dissimilar religious beliefs people have been staying here as each religion has different beliefs and traditions to follow.

Hindu and Buddhist are the main religion in country. The UNISCO listed world heritage sites and religious temples to Buddhist Monasteries and Stupa’s to be explored all around the country. Even inside Kathmandu valley Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Holi Kumari temple in Kathmandu Durbar Square attracts visitors. Bhaktapur’s Arts and Thanka are famous in the world.  Nepalese and Indian prefer to worship Shiva temple in Pashupati. Every foreigner easily sees the burning death body of Hindu if they visit Pashupati temple. You should not miss these places to explore while in Nepal.   Buddha was born in Nepal and Buddhist prefers to visit Lumbini. The country offers dissimilar tour options too. Either you prefer to explore Pokhara’s beauty or Lumbni’s temples here your dreams come true.


Another best part to visit country is to taste its food. Traditional meals popularly known as “Dal Bhat” come with rice, lentil soup, Pickle, Vegetable and non vegetable curries to taste. Mo. Mo. is equally popular in Nepal as Tibetan dish. However the Dal Bhat taste depends on the place you go. You might not get good Dal Bhat in High Himalayas but surely in Kathmandu the taste once you take will not allow you to forget. On your Vacation in Nepal you may learn how to prepare Nepalese dish.

We hope you enjoy reading above article and if you are planning Nepal vacation just contact us and we take care the rest. 

Source: Adventure Discovery Blog updates 

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